Comment on nature versus nurture and men supremacy

I sent a comment on a blog somewhere, a pro-feminist blog, just because I felt on something I wanted to react there, but as my comment is not posted, or not yet, I thought it would be a good idea to post it there :

It is funny, but I have a totally different opinion about men.

I say totally because it has big political implications.

I believe my intuition as a lesbian, and I am trying to explain it, like you do with your arguments with a logical analysis as well below:

Humans have a non-stop sexuality, in both females and males, which is not the case in other animal species. But even in animals, males are always on the look to fuck, even in those who are not sexually active outside of reproductive times it means when females are not on heat, because a female atificially put on heat and placed next to them activates them strongly and this outside of any reproductive season, furthermore males in a lot of species are trying sex on inactive females all the time and on youngsters as well, on other males too, on anything that moves and that will not fight back, even on your pants when you think of dogs or cats, but they are rejected strongly enough then by the adult females or males (except when they are gays.. :P), it is the only thing that can stop them: the non-receptivity of females and their ability to react but sometimes they can really well get to rape a youngster.

So this argument that male animals would not dare to rape youngsters that can't reproduce does not hold the way, sorry.. So it can't be a culture argument to explain child rape. Even if uggly heteroppressive rape culture plays a role of course.

Now I believe the culture plays its part but by blocking men to rape too, because men can think, they are taught not to pass to rape action and incest unless it is hidden and safe for them, as they are taught about and are afraid of the punishment, but 6 men out of 10 said in a survey that they would rape if there wasn't any sanction to fear afterwards.

Now about the education. You fail as well, most studies on boys brought up by feminist activists in closed communities have shown that a majority turned out to be real misogynist and women-haters by time they became adult. The difference in aggressivity between little boys and little girls has been proven. I personaly never met a guy, even a gay guy who was not overwhelmingly aggressive even if trying to have girlie manners.

And if you are a lesbian, you can feel this sexual agressivity and danger in any men, I would bid anything that a woman who would never show attraction to males, a lesbian for example, and who would be left on a desert island with a man, would get raped or beaten or her food stolen by the guy.

And would you explain then that men have implemented a male supremacist structure of society all over the planet, even in most remote places, in small human groups that have remained isolated from any outside influence?

If it is not by raping and using the physical strength to coerce women and then later arranging agreements with women in order to beat and rape them less if they obeyed them and gave other things that males fancy like cooking, cocooning, etc..?

It is only my point of view, but it is highly wired in me, and never had I any example to proove me the opposite.

So in my point of view radical feminist theories are much too mild with men, they leave them a chance, a big chance and are blind to the dangers, but of course a large part of radical feminists are straight women or bisexual women who turned up lesbians and it may explain this, they are used to create bonds with men and like it. It cooroborates an other finding I have which is that I believe that not all women would be born to be lesbians if men were not existing.

In that my views differ from the views of most radical lesbians and of some separatist lesbians, although I am a separatist myself.

But for some lesbians, who are really more lesbians than bisexuals, living with men in a society, this whatever changes you would succeed in inputting one day (I doubt about the success) would anyway turn out to be a very unhappy experience still.

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    Your post is very interesting, and I'm very much in agreement with it. But what do you propose as a solution to the problem? I think the problem is very clear, but there must be some kind of way to solve the issue. Have you developed or considered any solutions?

    Posté par Jan, 05-24-2012 à 13:51
  • A solution


    Thank you for your comment. And I am sorry, but I do not update and write frequently in my blogs at the moment, this styatement includes the blog written in French language..
    I have no ideal solution, but separate by finding a lesbian land where to live, or try to relaunch a strong women/lesbian movement, or both ways..
    Which is extremely difficult.
    I am happy now, in a way, as I have found the lesbian of my life, but love is not enough to make all my happiness.. I need a progress in our situation, our movement, and to be better connected to othet lesbians.
    I have chosen to convince some of my lesbian neighbours about lesbian feminism and separatism (it is hard and it takes time, but it works..), I have done this blog, which is a presence on the internet, but lesbians ignore me, some hate me, I tried to re-launch and create a lesbian political group in Paris in 2009 but it did not work and I am not living in Paris, and now I only want to join or to create a lesbian land.
    I am now in touch with a lesbian land existing in France, where only 2 lovers live all year there and possess the land, they are very nice, really separatist and promoting women artists in their area, they have a lot of separatist books and are experienced in activism (former activists reg. rape and lesbian activism), in building and living on a land, in women/lesbians welcoming and networking.
    They know a lot about the movement and even know some women involved in what remains of this movement now, but they are apart, because separatism as well as the 2nd wave feminism isn't fashionable nowadays and they still have the same opinions than 20 or 30 years ago, they did not change, did not compromise, won't change and they remain identical, they are our alive memory, our strength.
    They do not feel the need to know the last news in the world and in the movement now, it is sure that they do not know enough how rotten it has become. In fact they know a little but they learn it slowly as they are quite isolated, do not use internet or not at home, and have stopped to go in meetings, because of disapppintment I think, they prefer to stay focused on their goals, living on the land, welcome, create and evolve, without giving too much attention to the quarrels between feminist protagonists outside
    I am going back to visit them in July with my companion. There, we will meet a dozen of their other friends coming, it is a relief and a return to the roots, a dream made true, this even if we are so few.. and I have got the Shewolf directory of womyn lands worldwide too.
    Ok, and what do you propose, who are you, etc..?


    Posté par Lesboseparatiste, 05-27-2012 à 03:03
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